its like ice cream... but better!


Shouldn’t all foods be made with

your wellbeing in mind?

We think so too... Instead of coming up with a new “good for you” food concept, we decided to show the world that the foods we already love can be inherently good- for people and the planet. Even foods like ice cream!

Healthy foods shouldn't be a category of their own!


your health

and the planet

in mind 

WE    oats

Although oats seem to be the craze right now, we weren’t influenced by the trends when we decided to use this nutritious grain in our helados.

In addition to making our helado sooo deliciously creamy, oats are full of fiber and heart-healthy beta-glucans. Unlike most other oat-based products, we use the WHOLE OAT to give you all of its beneficial properties. 

oats & sustainability

Oats are better for the planet than any other plant-based alternative out there- they are much more water-efficient and can be grown in a variety of regions throughout the U.S.


 Our Flavors 

Latin America, we love you! Your culture, your flavors, your music, your people, your happiness. Our helados are a tribute to our roots and the mix, diversity which is what makes everything better. Enjoy!



 About Us 

Hola, we are Nayla and Silvia! We first met in grad school and it wasn’t long before we were going places together...  our first stop was the ice cream aisle at the supermarket down the street. That is where it all began!


Obviously, we aren't the only ones who love ice cream, but could it be that nobody has thought it could actually be good for you? Yeah, it's hard to imagine... “a pint a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, we’re giving it a try!


Bringing together our knowledge of nutrition science and sustainable foods, and our shared passion for good food, we created the first (and best!) whole-grain helado (that is, Spanish for "ice cream"). Our flavors are inspired by our Hispanic roots and celebrate the richness of our cultures with delicious, plant-based ingredients. Our mission is simple: creating delicious foods that don’t sacrifice your health and the planet.


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